What's in columbus mississippi?

Beauty, style and a rich sense of place. The attractions of the historic city of Columbus, Mississippi, are a real treat. You'll enjoy magnificent historic homes, antique and specialty stores full of treasures, divine cuisine, year-round celebrations and excellent recreation in parks, campgrounds, golf courses and, of course, on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Canal. Tennessee Williams Home and Welcome Center Take the tour as an expert guide explains how this building has been a rectory, a home, a literary landmark, a museum, a gift shop and a welcome center.

The Victorian house from 1875, a must see, begins your adventure in the most pleasant way. Tenn-Tom Museum An impressive museum deserves a long name like The Agnes Zaiontz Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Transportation Museum. Here you can meet CEO Hope Oakes (pictured above), who uses interactive exhibits and more to explain the important story of the 234-mile man-made “Tenn-Tom”. The first state-supported university for women in the United States was established in 1884 and is called Mississippi Women's University.

The “W” began admitting men, by law, in 1982 and offers more than 50 undergraduate specializations and 13 graduate degrees. The campus is charming and teachers quickly extol the literary virtues of award-winning writer Eudora Welty, her most famous student.