What's columbus indiana known for?

Columbus is best known as an architectural destination and home to the global headquarters of Cummins Inc., a manufacturer of diesel engines, but it's also home to the most notable natives listed below. Columbus is home to one of the best examples of architecture in the United States, thanks to local businessman J. In the 1950s, he launched a program to subsidize buildings with the stipulation that they were designed by great architects. He wanted to foster a world-class community and helped finance the investment because he believed that “mediocrity is expensive.

The result is a city filled with more than 70 buildings including churches, banks, schools and houses designed by famous architects. To this day, the ultimate achievement of the architecture program goes beyond pure aesthetics and historical impact. Columbus has been cited as an example of how investing in people and the community works. It is one of the few manufacturing cities that was not affected by industrial decline in the 1980s, and it mostly escaped the infamous diseases affecting similar cities along the “rust belt”.

Columbus, Indiana But what sets this city apart is its architecture. One of the best examples of modern architecture in the United States is the city of Columbus, Indiana, which knows how to combine modern style with small-town hospitality. Architecture tours, however, are just one of the many things that both visitors and locals can do in Columbus. In addition to the more than seventy structures designed by famous architects, such as Eero Saarinen and I, M.

Pei, the city is also home to gardens, parks, theaters, museums, orchestras, excellent restaurants and much more. The Indiana Philharmonic in Columbus also offers educational music programs to area schools and private musical instruction.