What percentage of columbus is black?

The black population in Columbus, Ohio, is 91,340, and 46.7 percent are black. African-Americans refer to the black population in Columbus, they are black racial groups in Africa, including sub-Saharan Africans, Kenyans, Nigerians, Caribbean people such as Haitians and Jamaicans. Columbus is one of the smallest cities with the highest African-American growth in pure numbers over the past decade. Columbus has added about 30,000 black residents over the past decade, an increase of 17.8%, and 24,253 Asian residents, an increase of more than 75%.

The average age of the population of Columbus is 34.9 years, the population of Columbus by age is 48,305, 16 years or older is 152,154, 18 years or older is 147,464, 21 years or older is 138,642, 65 years or older is 32993. Wilkos believes that growth in Linden is related to the chronic underconstruction of housing in the Columbus area over the past decade, resulting in people turning to more Columbus neighborhoods in search of homes.