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The town of Columbus, Indiana can be found in Bartholomew County, Indiana. Cincinnati, which is located roughly 100 miles to the west of Columbus, is the large city that is located the closest to Columbus.

Bartholomew County, Indiana, United States is home to Columbus, which serves as the county seat of that county. At the time of the census in 2020, there were 50,474 people living there.

The city of Columbus is well-known for the contemporary architecture and public art that it has. J. Irwin Miller was Cummins Inc.'s second CEO and the nephew of one of the company's founders.

The county seat of Bartholomew County has roughly sixty buildings that contribute to its status as a showcase of contemporary architecture. Seven of these buildings were designated as National Historic Landmarks after being completed between 1942 and 1965. There was once a piece on the architecture of the city that was broadcast on National Public Radio.

In addition to the Columbus Historic District and the Irwin Union Bank, the city has numerous buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These buildings include seven National Historic Landmarks of modernist architecture, which are as follows: the Bartholomew County Courthouse, Columbus City Hall, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, Haw Creek Leather Company, Mabel McDowell Elementary School, McEwen-Samuels-Marr House, McKinley School, Miller House, North Christian Church.

Top Businesses in Columbus, Indiana

1. Escape 812

Address: 331 Franklin St A, Columbus, IN 47201, United States


Phone number: +18122696888

2. Renaissance Dental Group of Columbus

Address: 2320 Northpark # B, Columbus, IN 47203, United States


Phone number: +18123721234

3. Fantastic Finds Resale

Address: 1609 Cottage Ave C, Columbus, IN 47201, United States

Phone number: +18123754507

4. Five Guys

Address: 1675 N National Rd A, Columbus, IN 47201, United States


Phone number: +18126691139

5. Southern Indiana Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, LLC

Address: 2450 Northpark # B, Columbus, IN 47203, United States


Phone number: +18123768997

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FAQ About Columbus Indiana

What is the racial makeup of Columbus Indiana?

The most current census figures show that white people make up 60.7% of the population of Columbus, Indiana, making them the majority of the city's residents. Black or African American people make up 15.1% of the total population, making them the second largest racial group in the country. In addition, Hispanics or Latinos make up 9.5% of the population of Columbus, Indiana, while Asians make up 3.0% and Native Americans make up 1.4% of the population.

Is Columbus Indiana a good place to live?

The livability score, which is a measurement of a city's overall quality of life, is recognized to be very high in Columbus. This figure is determined by a lot of factors, some of which are the education level, the cost of living, and the crime rate. In addition to this, it takes into account the residents' overall level of satisfaction.

The city of Columbus, Ohio, is home to a significant number of well-known examples of modern architecture and public art. In addition, the city of Columbus organizes an art show known as Exhibit Columbus, which is a celebration of the artistic past of the city. On the east branch of the White River and approximately 40 miles south of Indianapolis is where you'll find Columbus. It is included in the metropolitan statistical area that encompasses the entirety of Bartholomew County, which is located in Columbus, Indiana.

Young people with college degrees will find a lot of opportunities for growth and advancement in the Columbus area. The percentage of residents of the city who hold advanced degrees in technology is significantly greater than the national average. As a consequence of this, it may be challenging for you to obtain work in Columbus if you do not have a degree. The good news is that Columbus is still a city that can be experienced at a reasonable cost.

The city of Columbus is a pleasant place to live and has a good overall quality of life. In addition, residents of this city are situated in close proximity to both professional and amateur sporting events. Both the Bengals and the colts play their games in the area. In addition, the Brickyard 400 and the Indianapolis 500 will both take place in the vicinity.

What's Columbus Indiana known for?

The First Christian Church, which was designed by Eliel Saarinen from Finland and is one of several major architectural landmarks in Columbus, is one of those structures. The movement came to a stop due to World War II despite the fact that its tall tower and small rectangular windows were initially responsible for igniting a city-wide design revolution. On the other hand, it experienced a renaissance in the 1960s when numerous new courthouses, schools, and other structures were constructed in and around Columbus. In addition, the city of Columbus is home to a golf course that is on par with the best in the world, making it an ideal destination for golfers of any skill level.

Some of the nation's earliest vehicle manufacturers were founded in Columbus. The well-known Reeves automobile manufacturing firm was established in this city. The company is most known for producing the peculiar four-axle Octoauto and the twin-rear-axle Sextoauto. The National Register of Historic Places recognizes the historic significance of a number of buildings in the city today. In addition, there are seven National Historic Landmarks in the city that are associated with modernist architecture.

Moreover, Columbus is home to a number of well-known architectural firms. The Columbus Signature Academy Fondrea Campus, which was developed by Paul Kennon in 1973 and is located in the city, was named after him. The school is renowned as a "people-centered" institution that fosters both academic growth and engagement with the surrounding community. In addition, there is a home in Columbus that was designed by Eero Saarinen. The home was constructed using a grid, and it features a storage wall that is fifty feet long.