Is columbus a diverse city?

Regardless of what people think about it, diversity has been steadily increasing in Columbus over the years. In fact, in terms of race, Columbus is currently at its most diverse point in its more than 200-year history. As has been the case at the local level, the most diverse places have traditionally tended to be the largest cities. Three Ohio cities make this year's list, including Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

News, a score of 1 on the diversity index indicates perfect diversity, or a 100 percent probability that two randomly chosen people in that city are different from each other in terms of race and ethnicity. The Cities project is part of the US News Government Rankings initiative, which measures government performance at the international, state and local levels and includes the Best Countries, Better States, Communities and Healthier Cities projects. So which city is the most diverse in Ohio? According to most census data, Whitehall ranked number one in diversity in Ohio. Columbus is the central city of the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area, which spans ten counties and is the third largest metropolitan area in the state, almost tied with the Cleveland MSA and just behind the Cincinnati MSA.

Contract Compliance Record The Office of Diversity and Inclusion of the Columbus Mayor's Office is responsible for ensuring that all contractors, including subcontractors, vendors and suppliers, who wish to be part of a City of Columbus contract, as defined in Section 3901.01 of the Columbus City Code .